miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013


  I would like to offer you my ENGLISH - SPANISH translation services, with professional service and exquisite attention to detail.

 I take great pride in the contribution I make to each client’s projects. It is my policy to only accept work that I can carry out to the highest professional standards. I am rigorous in maintaining delivery schedules established for work contracted and make every effort to provide assistance to clients with special needs and circumstances.

The human factor is also important in all my professional relationships. From preliminary discussions of your translation, editing, to the delivery of the finished work, I want our professional collaboration to be a positive experience that you will be glad to remember and repeat.I will be glad to answer all your questions annd to offer you a kind customer service. If you think I could improve any aspect of my service, please let me know.

Solidarity with Changemakers and Charity Associations

I offer a substantial discount to legally registered non-profit organizations and foundations dedicated to human rights, international cooperation, sustainable development, conservation, social protection and insertion, education, or other pressing social and environmental issues.